You’re a model employee … when you’re bitching about someone else.

By: tdailygrind

May 29 2013

Category: Uncategorized

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We’ve all been there.

You’re caught in a veritable blizzard of urgent paperwork, punctuated only by a deluge of phone calls.

Meanwhile, the rocket scientist next to you is giggling about a cat photo on facebook.

You could happily strangle them.

Suddenly, their lack of productivity in their allotted tasks is a personal affront to you.

What’s behind it? Dedication to the company? Concern for other workmates left to shoulder the workload?

We here at the Grind have overheard countless variations of these pious reasons in bitchy conversations over the years.

And we wonder if the truth is more likely to be that we just hate to see someone slacking off when we can’t?

See you next week.


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