Why is it we fantasise about quitting?

By: tdailygrind

Nov 22 2011


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Apart from the obvious, it’s because we like to know we matter.

‘Let’s see how well they do that after I’ve gone.’

It’s a common sentiment from departing employees. Sure, they’re looking forward to leaving behind whatever it is they don’t like about the job. But there’s always a small part of us that wants to know we’ll be missed when we’re gone.

Not just by the people we work with, but by the company itself.

The next time (if ever you do) catch up with former work colleagues, ask them about your former role … and pay attention to your immediate emotional response.

Smug satisfaction that the person who replaced you isn’t doing very well at it? Grinding your teet as you hear tales of how they’re doing everything so much better than you?

No-one likes the idea that they might suck at a job, even if they tell you otherwise. So next time you fantasise about quitting, really ask yourself how your co-workers will ‘cope’ when you’re gone.

The answers may surprise you…

See you Thursday.

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