You get through the whole day unscathed, until…

By: tdailygrind

Nov 17 2011

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You accidentally turn on the TV when you get home.

One under-acknowledged benefit of a call-centre  job is the protection it offers against lynch mob radio and ‘daytime’ tv.

In the rush to get to work, most people don’t have time for ‘Sunrise’ or ‘Today’ in the morning. They may cop a dose of talkback radio or a music marathon in their commute, but by 9:00am most workers have escaped the opinionated hell our airwaves offer.

Sure, some workplaces do have a radio on during the day. We can pretty much guarantee none of them are call centres.

And the only time the average call-centre worker is exposed to ‘daytime tv’ is when they’re on sick leave, doped up on cough mixture and pseudoephedrine (which is probably the safest way to view it).

In fact, the biggest danger period for workers to be inundated with shameless rabblerousing, inane drivel and commercial endorsement is when they get home in the early evening.

So next time you’re stuck on an evening train or in gridlock traffic, just remember. It could be worse. You could be at home watching Today Tonight.

See you next week.

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