Go on, take one from the team…

By: tdailygrind

Nov 15 2011


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They’d do it for you…

Ever receive an email that started with the phrase ‘Team’?

Management 101 dictates that every person in an organisation is a member of THE TEAM.

You might be part of a smaller team within the team within the team. Or you might just be on a reception desk and told you’re part of the overall team.

Team’s a positive, inclusive and aspirational word. It’s something to make people feel valued. To feel a part of something bigger than themselves.

Whoever came up with the ‘team’ jargon for the workplace was a genius. Or a cult leader.

We here at the Grind would like to challenge the use of the word ‘team’ in the workplace. We’ve worked in places better described by words like ‘pack’, ‘chain gang’, ‘gaggle’, ‘cabal’, ‘unit’ or ‘terror ce…’ ahem.

If you couldn’t use the word ‘team’, what word would you use to describe your workmates? And is it as positive?

See you Thursday.

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