The best stuff always happens in …

By: tdailygrind

Nov 10 2011


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Meeting rooms.

Your job interview. Your pay review. Your written warnings.

They all happen in meeting rooms.

Whether it’s a shoe box-sized little square in a corner of an open plan office or a lavish boardroom, it’s usually REALLY IMPORTANT if you go in there alone with your manager.

And it’s not a good sign if you go in there with your manager and someone you don’t recognise (usually a witness from HR).

It’s funny how much importance we can be conditioned to attach to a closed door, or interaction with a superior.

It’s even funnier when you come out and see how many of your workmates are discreetly trying to guage what happened.

So next time you’re in that sort of a meeting, exit with a limp, a wild look in your eyes or a fake, manic laugh.

Because nothing’s funnier than the wild speculation of bored people.

See you next week.


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