If you want to stage a successful protest…

By: tdailygrind

Nov 08 2011


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It helps to have a cause people can get behind.

In recent weeks, there’s been crowds of people gathered in tents for a common purpose.

Surrounded by police, media and curious onlookers, they’ve waved their arms around, posed for photos, cheered … and vomited on the way home.

It wasn’t our discontented friends at Occupy Melbourne, it was the thousands of people hitting the races.

If you rolled your eyes as you listened to the sales guy in your office gloating that he’d be in the Emirates tent any day during the carnival, you weren’t alone.

For the thousands stuck in the office though, it’s worth remembering you’re more likely to end up rubbing shoulders with Molly Meldrum or a Maori bouncer shielding Jennifer Hawkins than the guy from Entourage or Sarah Jessica Parker.

At least, like any protest broken up by police, it looks like fun if you’re googling it from your desk…

See you Thursday.

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