Happy Halloween!

By: tdailygrind

Oct 31 2011


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And it sucks if you’re working on Cup Day.

As vaguely alluded to last week, we bring you tomorrow’s strip, today.

It’s because we here at the Grind like the Cup Day holiday, so we’ll be  taking the day off.

And we like Halloween, too. Well, the idea of it anyway.

The celebration of Halloween in Australia is like singing happy birthday to someone at work. Half hearted at best.

Sure, you get a few people dressing up and dragging their kids around to get lollies, but even those die hards look a bit sheepish.

But, as with all themed holidays, it’s the office cubicle that proves the ideal place for celebrating… and decorating.

Just don’t do it anywhere clients (or senior management) can see it. ;)

See you Thursday.

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