‘No signal’. The new mealticket for therapists.

By: tdailygrind

Oct 27 2011

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It’s getting harder to do without a smart phone…

For anyone working in an office with internet filtering and little stimulation, a smart phone can be a lifeline.

Unmonitored email and internet. Games. Anything to get you away from the spreadsheets.

Australians love smart phones apparently. Not sure what that says about the local work ethic, but about 44% of us have a smart phone. 66% of that number are under the age of 35.

So what happens when you can’t get those little bars of coverage? Cold turkey’s never pretty, no matter the addiction.

Throw in a workplace where people are crying out for entertainment and ANY sort of change to their routine, and you’ve got the makings of a reality show. Or a disaster movie.

See you next week, maybe even on the Monday…

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