Careful with your email…

By: tdailygrind

Oct 25 2011

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It can turn ugly so very, very easily.

One of the many things that can make our day is an email accidentally sent to us … or better yet, one that has more information than intended.

It’s so very easy to hit the forward button and forget to delete the previous correspondence.  Sooner or later, everyone does it.

But a little tip. Trying to recall the email with Outlook will ABSOLUTELY guarantee the recipient will read it.

Because we’re all voyeurs at heart who’ll jump at any chance of entertainment during work hours… no matter how mundane.

We also like to share. So your witty comparison of the customer’s breathing to that of a pig devouring a slops bucket?

Has ended up being applauded by 40 million people. And it’ll make a great story you can tell the gang at Centrelink.

When you’re waiting in line.

See you Thursday.

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