What a way to start the day…

By: tdailygrind

Oct 11 2011


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Breakfast radio. What more can we say?

‘And coming up after 8.00, we’ll tell you the name of the Rocktober track to listen out for that could win you $105!’

Breakfast radio.

Chirpy presenters. Wacky conversation topics. Interviews with hungover musicians who had only just got to bed after their gig.

Car radios throughout Australia are the only comfort to thousands of commuters stuck in peak hour traffic.

And this is the best on offer.

Which could explain the increase of road rage incidents on our roads.

Luckily, there aren’t many people listening to the radio on a train or tram. You know, the public transport  with tunnels and wires that interferes with radio transmissions?

The mood can already get pretty ugly when the train or tram stops in the middle of the journey. Imagine what’d happen if you threw Eddie McGuire or ‘Grubby and DeeDee’ into the mix.

See you Thursday.

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