It’s like a perfect storm…

By: tdailygrind

Oct 04 2011


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The Grand Final and daylight saving.

How many people used changing their clocks as an excuse for being late to work?

We here at the Grind can’t blame them. We hate daylight saving time any time. Let alone the weekend where you need as much hangover recovery time as possible.

Let’s face it. The Sunday after Grand Final, time has little meaning. And absolutely none if you’re in hangover recovery.

But that hour you’ve lost? You definitely feel it on the Monday.

So this is a time for all of Melbourne to pull together. We’ve lost an hour of sleep. To give us an extra hour of daylight.

No matter how anti-climactic we think that is, we need to stick together.

And go easy on your workmates. Because the extra daylight means they’ll have to do more jobs around the house.

See you Thursday.

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