What do you mean my email’s not private?!

By: tdailygrind

Sep 22 2011

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Seriously people, read your employment agreement.

People scoff when they hear about the latest idiot busted for gloating about chucking a sickie on Facebook.

Then they proceed to send an email out to an ‘elite’ list of people detailing their latest misadventure or a funny yet inappropriate graphic involving a goat. And they wonder why they get called into the boss’s office.

Keywords, abnormally large file sizes or email volumes send up the flag and suddenly you get that awkward little reminder from IT that you’re not alone when you look at your monitor.

Work email’s great. Until your 85 emails  to colleagues detailing your boss’s poor personal hygiene and complete lack of social skills are printed out and placed on the desk for discussion during your pay review.

Big brother’s watching people. And there’s a good chance they have a pocket protector.

See you next week.

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