The vaguest of K.P.I.s

By: tdailygrind

Sep 15 2011

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Is ‘continuous improvement’.

Ever been asked by a manager what you do to continually improve your work practices? Or if there’s anything you’ve done or can suggest to improve your workplace?

With so much emphasis placed on your perceived ‘attitude’, the wrong answer can hang you out to dry.

And while we don’t recommend the approach adopted above, you can buy yourself some time by querying the parameters of the question.

Almost anything can count. Repositioning the fax machine so others can see the tray. Pinpointing an issue in departmental procedure (and of course you’re now raising it with the approriate manager to determine a suitable solution, even though you hadn’t given it any thought whatsoever).

They do seem to frown on excessive use of the word ‘f*%#ed’ when describing process, so maybe google some appropriate substitutes.

See you next week.

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