You should celebrate when a workmate resigns.

By: tdailygrind

Sep 06 2011

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It’s mature, supportive and a real opportunity for YOU.

It can be sad when your work colleagues move on.

Sure, you might want to do a jig of joy because you (along with the whole office) hate the very sight of them. Or you might be a little depressed at the prospect of losing someone who brightened up your drab existence.

Just remember, it’s an opportunity. An unattended desk with a better keyboard or chair ripe for the taking. And it’s a chance to frame someone for something management’s going to blame you for.

So when you’re listening to their slightly smug farewell speech, console yourself with the knowledge that you’ve just been given a ‘get out of the blame free’ card.

And clap that little bit louder.

See you next Thursday.

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