It’s not just about work…

By: tdailygrind

Aug 30 2011

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There’s gotta be something else.

If you google it, there’s a whole list of reasons why to (and why not  to) work in a call centre.

Things like it’s ‘great for anyone who likes talking on the phone’. ‘You don’t need a lot of technical skill’. ‘You can get free food.’ Seriously. That last one’s there.

But they don’t really cover why people work. Some people love what they do. Some  are saving to go overseas or buy a house.

For most people though, work’s something that they have to do. And they can bear it because they’ve got something to look forward to.

Maybe it’s battling it out with drunks at the local pool comp. Or scrapbooking the last overseas holiday. Or hurtling down a mountain on a pushbike.

Regardless, it helps make sense of going to work everyday.

See you Thursday.

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