Does the customer really come first?

By: tdailygrind

Aug 23 2011

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Or are you just supposed to think you come first?

Anyone who’s ever sat on hold gets told their call is important to the company.

But the message doesn’t actually say ‘you come first’.

It’s just suggested in the way everything’s set up. Headsets to hasten the response time. Staff dedicated to respond to your query and ready to spring into action.

Until you want to cancel your service, make a complaint or anything else the company isn’t keen on you doing. Then it’s a different (but still fairly polite) story.

‘The customer comes first’ is one of those cliches that still occasionally pops up in training, as a demonstration of an appropriate service mindset. It’s actually more applicable to the face-to-face retailing that the callcentre has superseded.

Probably more accurately, the customer comes first, so long as they keep buying stuff, don’t argue with the process and don’t screw up the centre stats.

See you Thursday.

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