How bad does a job have to be?

By: tdailygrind

Aug 18 2011


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There’s always a limit…

To what you’ll put up with for a paycheck.

Sure, you’ll hear it all around you every day. ‘This job sucks.’ ‘We’re treated like animals.’ ‘I’m just here until I get my small business breeding aardvarks up and running. Then they can stick this job.’

A callcentre’s a perfect place to hear these gripes. And it’s always the ones complaining the loudest who end up staying the longest. Unless they get sacked for any number of justified reasons.

What it really comes down to is ‘how badly do you want to leave?’ Badly enough to undertake the soul destroying horror of job hunting?

Granted, peddling Judi Dench wares is about the best motivation for leaving… and possibly self-harming.

See you next week.

4 comments on “How bad does a job have to be?”

  1. Judi Dench is a national treasure

  2. I’m with wickwickyknow – Judi Dench is untouchable. She’s been M for crying out loud – nothing cooler! I think you could have substituted Merchant Ivory DVD’s without provoking a reaction, other than chuckling, of course!

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