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By: tdailygrind

Aug 04 2011


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Service with a swipe

So, customer service. Be courteous, attentive, respond promptly and be proactive in offering assistance. Your goal is to satisfy and even impress with your service.

Once you make sure they can pay.

It’s funny watching sales staff in a store as they politely prowl their territory. Evaluating their prey before they turn on the charm.

Not so easy in a call centre, where the prey’s served up invisibly on a phone. Sales staff can assess a ‘tyre kicker’ in moments. In a call centre, it often takes a minute or two to establish account details. If you’re making a sale, it can take much longer.  Bummer when your KPIs include call efficiency. ;)

Next week on the Grind we have a flashback week. We’ve dug out a few old strips you might not have seen on the other site and we’ll be running them. Oh, posting might be a little haphazard over the next couple of weeks as we’re out and about, but the strips will be there. See you next week.

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