End of Month … start of the struggle.

By: tdailygrind

Aug 02 2011


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What do they call it when you repeat the same inaction and expect a different result?

End of Month. To those of you who promise yourselves that ‘next month, you’ll learn Excel so that End of Month doesn’t feel like you’re passing a kidney stone’, we here at the Grind salute you.

We share your hatred for reconciling your month’s toils and what it means to the company.

We share your regular self-recriminations for ‘not doing it as I go and having one long excel nightmare to do on top of all my other damned work’.

And we too hate the fact that suddenly, THE WORLD WILL END if you don’t have End of Month emailed to your manager by close of business on the first working day of the new month.

Hang in there. Only 29 or 30 more days until you have to do it again. Unless it’s the start of February…

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